The Pemalites were an ancient race created by the cosmic entity Ellimist during his ancient war with Crayak.

Biology Edit

The Pemalites resembled creatures similar to upright canines. They were comfortable with living on a world with four times the gravity of Earth's.

Culture and society Edit

The Pemalites were an advanced culture with spacefaring and Z-Space capabilities. They were by far the most advanced species, their technology even surpassing the Andalites. However their technology was absent in warfare as their society and evolved past war-like ways.

History Edit

The Pemalites were created millions of years ago by Ellimist in his battle against Crayak. He made them peaceful and sent out the Pemalites to spread life across the Milky Way Galaxy countering the devastation and genocides created by Crayak. They succeed more way than their creator, spreading life like a plague that even Crayak was unable to destroy their work. They eventually settled on a planet, possibly after Crayak had destroyed the physical body of the Ellimist and allowed the Pemalites to develop their own civilization. The Pemalites developed a peaceful society and created the Chee as companions. However, Crayak and his Howlers managed to discover them, the latter systematically wiping out the species through brutal attacks on their adopted homeworld. What few Pemalites escaped were later infected with a plague developed by the Howlers.

The Chee unaffected by the plague brought their dying creators to ancient Earth. To keep them memory of their creators alive they merged their essence with wolves, creating the modern precursor of the dog.

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