The Peliar Zelians are a sapient humanoid species native to the planet Peliar Zel and also present on the planet's two natural satellites: known simply Alpha and Beta. These two moons have been colonized by the Zelians at some point during the 18th century and operate as independent states. As of the 24th century, the Zelians are one of the member races of the United Federation of Planets.

The inhabitants of the two moons - the Alphans and Betans as they are called - have long been in a state of political tension, often at the brink of war. In at least two distinct occasions, the imminent war was prevented due to peace negotiations conducted by the Trill ambassador Odan. The second of these conflicts had been initiated by the fact that the Alphans had just developed a way to derive energy from the magnetic field of their planet; which caused environmental damages to the Beta moon whenever its orbit passed through the energy beam.


  • The name of this species is conjectural, based on the name of their home planet: Peliar Zel.
  • Several members of this species have been observed aboard the space station Deep Space 9.
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