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Peko-pekos were large, strong reptavians, whose great raucous squawks carried over long distances. They were native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo. Another breed lived on Nal Hutta. The feathers of the peko-peko albatross were used in the construction of Reinforced Insulated Sheath armor.


They congregated in large flocks but generally traveled in pairs and mated for life. Both male and female had beautiful indigo-sapphire plumage that could be seen and both were the same size. Peko-pekos had powerful wings and fairly toxic skin and feathers. Most animals left Peko-pekos alone as their toxins caused sharp stomach pains, severe vomiting, and occasional deaths. Not all animals were susceptible, however. Ironically, the peko peko's blood contained anti-venom for glie-based poisons. They also had keen eyesight, clawed wings to help them climb, and a powerful beak that could crush even the hardest of nuts.

Besides nuts, the Peko-Peko also ate kaadu eggs and small creatures. Certain nuts and seeds would not germinate unless they passed through the peko-peko's gastrointestinal system. They were preyed upon by tusk-cats.

Skilled mimics, they imitated perfectly the sounds of many other animals. Easily taught to talk in captivity, they were a favorite pet of both Gungans and Naboo. The peko-peko nested in the high hollows of trees. The female laid two eggs at a time. Both partners cared for hatchlings.

Impressively sized specimens were known as "Giant Peko-Pekos". It is unclear if they were simply more mature, or a separate breed.

The Alsakan outlaw Cornelius Evazan conducted experiments on Peko-pekos which resulted in the creation of the mutated toxic Peko-peko.



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