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"Time has not dimmed the memory of our loss, but it has allowed us to let go of our anger toward those responsible" - Emperor Haban-Limai

Pearls valerian
General Information
Homeworld Mül
Habitat beach-like, vast oceans and giant shells protruding from the ground
Body Type bald, human-like, reminiscent of the Na'vi
Height N/A
Length N/A
Weight N/A
Skin Colors white or albino, sometimes shifts color based on mood
Locomotion bipedal
Diet Herbivore (possible omnivore)
Lifespan N/A
Sapience Level Sapient
Language unknown
Racial Abilities change color based on mood, extensive knowledge on languages, chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering, sends out their soul or essence in the form of a wave to find a host if necessary
Status unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valerian and Laureline
Created by Luc Besson
Designed by N/A, possibly Jean-Claude Mezieres


The Pearls were once peaceful race native to the paradise-like planet Mül, where they thrived and lived in harmony with nature similar to the Na'vi which were based on the cultures of African tribal societies and Indians of Native American history. However, an interstellar war between Humans and an unknown alien race fought high above the planet where destroyed ships rained down from the sky during the conflict. In an effort to survive, a group of Pearls hid into a crashed ship to escape the destruction. The planet was then destroyed by a giant mothership of the opposing aliens that was shot down and crashed into Mül with enough power to annihilate the entire planet. The Pearls in the crashed ship managed to survive the devastation but were now an endangered species drifting through space. The surviving Pearls had trouble getting use to their new home at first, but over time began to salvage from the wreckage and understand the contents of the ship. They managed to survive in the ship for many years and even salvaged the ship's database and learn other languages, mathematics, chemistry, physics, philosophy and the various different planets and species that inhabit the universe. While the Pearls have not forgotten the destruction of their planet and the Humans and aliens who have annihilated it, the time passed spent on surviving in the wreckage has relieved them of their sorrow and anger over the deaths of their race and their home. Later, the ship was then picked up by scrap dealers who took the wreckage to a gigantic space station called Alpha: the City of a Thousand Planets. As they lived in the shadows of the city they devised a plan to leave Alpha in an effort to possibly replicate their world on another planet by gaining various technology from other species living on board the station. However, Commander Arun Filitt (who fought in the war at Mül and was the one who ordered a missile to be shot at the mothership that destroyed the planet, knowing that Mül was inhabited and that shooting down the mothership would destroy the planet and decided to do it any way because he would rather get an upper hand in the war rather that let a primitive race of aliens live) was actively trying to kill the rest of the Pearls and erase any information on Mül for fear that Alpha having knowledge of him allowing a race of aliens to die would lead to humans being deemed untrustworthy by the central council of Alpha and be evicted from the city. They later gained the help of agents Valerian and Laureline who (despite having direct orders to find and kill the Pearls) exposed Arun and helped the Pearls leave Alpha and find a new home.

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