Pawny's species is an unnamed race of sapient, diminutive alien beings.


These aliens are tiny reptilian bipeds, small enough to easily fit in a person's pocket. They have green-colored skin and very large eyes, with black round pupils encircled by yellow irises. Their hands have four digits, including an opposeable thumb; while their feet consist of three suction cups.

They're also covered in red armor plates, which may or may not be part of their anatomy; and are known for their ability to shift into a form that is completely hidden by the armor. In this form, they resemble chess pieces.

At least two morphological castes are known to exist: the Pawns are short, robust, and make up the majority of the race; whereas the Queens are tall and slender. It is likely that other castes also exist, given that other types of "chess pieces" have also been seen in the chess board; but since these weren't observed to shift into an alien form, it can't be confirmed.

Culture and societyEdit

Members of this species seem to dwell in chessboard-like structures, and have access to advanced technology, such as energy weapons. Individual Pawns have no names, and are very loyal to their Queens, to the point that if the Queen is killed, any surviving Pawn will be inclined to commit suicide. Conversely, they may pledge loyalty to a new Queen instead; even one of a different species.

The members of this species found on Earth were shown to be very knowledgeable about other aliens, as exemplified with them being aware of the location of Jababian royal member Vungus; and being familiar with Riza Stavros and her reputation.


A colony of these creatures was known to live in a secret room within an antiques shop in Marrakesh, until most of them were wiped out by two Diads, with the sole survivor being Pawny.


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