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|name = Paul
|image = [[File:Paul.jpg|312 px]]
|universe = Paul
|species = [[Paul's Species|Unknown]] (Possibly [[Grey]])
|gender = Male
|status = Alive
|appearances = ''[[wikipedia:Paul (film)|Paul]]''
|identity = Unknown|alias = Paul|world = Unknown|diet = Omnivore|hair = N/A|eye = Blue}}
{{Quote|Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.|Paul}}
'''Paul''' (real name: unknown) is an alien who's species hails from a small class M planet within the northern spiral arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. He appeared in the 2011 sci-fi comedy film of the same name and was voiced by comedian Seth Rogen.
In the late 40s, the Walton residence in Moorcroft, Wyoming was the sight of a crash landing that led to the death of Tara Walton's dog Paul. What came out of the crash was the 5ft tall alien lifeform who adopted Paul as his name. Tara and her family kept him at the house until government agents took him away to Area 51. He spent the last 60 years in the base, telling the government what he knew and has even helped with the science fiction genre of the era. During the time, Paul's image was recreated on all matter of popular culture material that was distributed to the public, so that in the off chance the human race and Paul's people should ever come into contact, humanity would not react with abject fear or horror.
=='''''Paul (2011)'''''==
60 years after his capture, Paul manages to escape Area 51 after almost having his stem cells extracted for his abilities. He zapped his escort took his car and ended up speeding down the highway until he crashed. He met up later on with sci-fi writer Clive Gollings and his illustrating friend Graeme Willy who came from Britain on the lamb from Comic-Con international. Hitching a ride with the 2 nerds, Paul plans on going home and avoiding the government as much as possible.
During their trip, they stop into a local RV Park where they spend the night and meet with the religiously devoted Ruth Buggs. The next morning, Paul and Ruth end up in a theological argument and reveals himself to her. Ruth faints and ends up having to tag along with the trio, however after having another argument, Paul decides to show her everything he knows via his thought transferring powers. Ruth decides to tag along even after the argument and they end up in fight with 2 hillbillies that Clive and Graeme encountered a couple days prior.
Paul manages to scare them and they all head in the RV in order to evade capture. Too pumped, the group decide to sit around a campfire while smoking and drinking. Ruth passes out from Paul's marijuana and the trio have an interesting conversation of what happened when he escaped. The next morning, Paul and the others walk through the street of a town with Paul disguised as a cowboy. Clive who notices the Black Vampire Katana decides to go into the comic store with Paul while Graeme goes to get Ruth and the RV. Paul evades being noticed by posing as a statue, that is until Agent O'Reilly touched his pelvis, causing him to reveal himself.
Turning invisible, Paul ends up being seen by Agent Haggard who sees him and almost shoots him, however Clive stops him and runs out. Boarding the RV, Paul and the others end up evading Agent Zoil and Ruth's father before ripping off a fireworks store which reveals their position to as Paul puts her "''The Big Guy''". Making a quick stop along the way, Paul and the gang end up at Moorcroft where they meet up with a much older Tara Walton. In a very touching moment, the government agents enter in an attempt to capture Paul, however the group manage to escape and board the RV before the Walton residence is blown to pieces.
After the RV breaks down, the group find themselves at the rendezvous point which is the famous Devil's Tower. Setting off the fireworks, the group end up encountering the government along with the big guy and Zoil catching up with them. Zoil protects Paul and the gang, however ends up getting shot in the process. In an intense fight, the gang fight off the Big Guy and Tara manages to knock her out. Paul and the others are introduced to Zoil and Ruth's father shoots Graeme with the intention of killing Paul.
Graeme dies of a fatal gunshot wound to the torso and Paul decides to heal him. Succeeding, Paul ends up almost dying in the process, however manages to get back up after his healing kicks in. The big guy then gets back up and chambers another round in her gun, however ends up squashed underneath a ship sent to pick up Paul. The gang says goodbye and even takes a photo before he leaves. Paul then takes Tara along in order to give her a new life among his people. Leaving, Paul's ship ends up in the mothership and ends up heading home. 2 Years later, Clive and Graeme end up being a success in the next comic-con with their new novel based on their adventure.
=='''Physical Appearance'''==
Paul is a 5ft tall alien with grey skin, however it is uncertain as to if he is a grey. He has a large cranium, small nostril slots on his head and small ears. His head is the biggest thing on him and his body is somewhat small. He has a total of 4 digits on both his hands and feet and large blue eyes. A comedic scene after Paul brought back Clive's passport was that Graeme was looking down at his pelvis and Paul stated that "''It's actually small on his planet''". On one of his shoulders, Paul has small tattoo of a peace symbol, possibly from when it was during his time in the 1960s.
===<u>Physical Abilities</u>===
Being an extraterrestrial being, Paul is known to have amazing abilities he's demonstrated during his stay on Earth and are things that the military wanted.
*'''<u>Healing:</u>''' Paul was shown to have an amazing healing factor. This power enables him to stay healthy as well as heal humans with physical injuries and ailments. This ability also allows him to resurrect those who have died recently. The only problem is that any injury the person or creature sustains Paul will show signs of the same injury until his healing kicks in to repair the damage.
*'''<u>Longevity:</u>''' A definite ability that Paul has shown is an ability to have a slower aging process than the normal human being. He's clearly shown no signs of aging, either that or he has somewhat aged, just unidentifiable.
*'''<u>Telepathic Download:</u>''' During his theological argument with Ruth, Paul touched her head and transferred all his knowledge into her mind via tactile psychokinetic bridge. An ability like this however takes it out of him and makes him weak everytime he does it, and it makes the individual he uses it on fall unconscious.
*'''<u>Invisibility:</u>''' An ability stated was a camouflage response, Paul can bend light around him and in turn make himself invisible to the naked eye. The only limitations though is that he can only do it while holding his breath and his shorts cannot turn invisible with him so he needs to be naked in order to maintain invisibility. Prolonged invisibility will most likely cause him to pass out. In some instances however, Paul has shown to say a few words and maintain invisiblity.
Paul is shown to wear no top, however sports a pair of shorts to keep him from streaking in public. He's also known to wear a backpack which houses Tara Walton's teddy bear that she gave to him 60 years prior. Because he's a smoker, he clearly has a pack of cigarettes and marijuana on him which he stated that the weed came from the military. He's also equipped with a cigarette lighter as well. Before leaving, Clive allowed Paul to keep his unfinished novel.
=='''Personality & Traits'''==
Although an extraterrestrial being, Paul is known to have the attitude of an average American. He's got a thing for cursing and drugs, as well as spending time with his buds. He can also be angered somewhat easily as well as well as intimidating, even without the intimidation of his physical appearance. He's definitely been shown to be a somewhat of an atheistic type of alien because he stated that his existence disproves the theologies of planet Earth. He is also known to have a sense of humor which is a very big trait seen throughout the movie.
Right off the bat, Paul has clearly shown to have a hobby of smoking. throughout a lot of the movie, he's gone from smoking regular cigarettes to even smoking substances like marijuana. He's also got a thing for reading as well, which is something shown at the end of the movie when he stated to Clive that he found it hard to finish. He stated that some of the biggest ideas in media were his such as Agent Fox Mulder from the hit TV Series "''The X-Files''" and even assisted in helping Steven Spielberg with E.T.
=='''Memorable Quotes'''==
{{Quote|Actually I'm speaking English you f**king idiot.|Paul to Graeme}}
{{Quote|Look man, sometimes you just gotta role the dice.|Paul to Graeme}}
{{Quote|Get your goddamn hands off my mother**king junk!|Paul to Agent O'Reilly}}
{{Quote|...And that's Jenga|Paul to Clive and Graeme}}
{{Quote|Who gives a s**t, no one's gonna believe this god bothering Cyclops!|Paul to Graeme}}
{{Quote|Clive I can feel your boner|Paul to Clive}}
{{Quote|Yeah the f**king Freemans.|Paul to Graeme}}
__Paul to Gus and Jake(the drunk guys at Ray's Steakhouse){{Quote|Why does everyone always assume that? What am I doing? Am I harvesting farts? How much can I learn from an ass?!|Paul to Graeme}}
Throughout his stay on Earth, Paul has befriend several people who have helped him in his mission to get home. These people have stuck by him through thick and thin.
===<u>Lorenzo Zoil</u>===
[[File:Agent Zoil.jpg|thumb|300px]]
An agent working for the government, Paul met agent Lorenzo Zoil during his stay at Area 51. Paul also introduced Zoil to his future bride named Karen and even helped him gain access to a transmitter in order to get his people to come pick him up. Making himself look like he was loyal to his female superior, Zoil kept agents O'Reilly and Haggard in the dark so that they weren't made aware of Paul's existence.
He would later aid the gang against his boss, however ended up getting shot by his superior, which revealed his treachery. 2 years later, Zoil was seen as a security guard at comic-con.
===<u>Clive Gollings</u>===
[[File:Clive Gollings.jpg|thumb|300px]]
A science fiction writer from England, Clive Gollings and his illustrator friend Graeme Willy arrived in America in order to partake in the events at Comic-Con in San Diego. He and Willy then took a trip to tour the sights of America's famous UFO hotspots. This was where they met Paul and Clive fainted after seeing him. He later on was upset at the fact that he blew his chance to introduce himself to an actual alien and that Graeme was off talking to girls as well as buds with Paul before he was at the time. Clive agreed on helping Paul to get home as well as obtaining the Black Vampire Katana he was eyeing at Comic-Con. Clive also fought the big guy with the help of his allies, including Paul and by their goodbyes, allowed him to keep his unfinished novel. 2 Years later, Clive and Graeme became a success at Comic-Con with their new novel named ''Paul''. Along the way, Paul has been shown to have made some jokes about his weight and Clive responded with "''It's not fat, it's power''".
===<u>Graeme Willy</u>===
[[File:Graeme Willy.jpg|thumb|300px]]
Clive's friend and illustrator, Graeme Willy accompanied his friend to the San Diego comic-con where they planned their road trip to the famous UFO hotspots of America. After witnessing Paul's car crash, he is the only one that doesn't faint and the one who helps Paul get Clive back in the RV while agreeing to get him home. He and Paul are already friends while Clive is upset to the fact that he wanted this to be a special event in his life. He also falls for the bible thumping Ruth Buggs who eventually becomes more free thanks to Paul. He also helps pick out the fireworks in order to send a signal to Paul's people in order for them to pick up Paul.
He then helps the gang fight the big guy and he's the first one to strike her as well. He's also shot in the torso by Moses Buggs who was hell-bent on shooting Paul. He dies and Paul resurrects him as well as heals him of his wounds. Graeme ends up with Ruth and says his goodbyes to Paul. Graeme and Clive later attend comic-con 2 years later with their new novel titled "Paul". He's also in a relationship with Ruth.
===<u>Ruth Buggs</u>===
[[File:Ruth Buggs.jpg|thumb|300px]]
After arriving at a local trailer park in America, the trio met Ruth Buggs who ran the park with her father. A devoted religious girl, Ruth eventually sparked in an intense theological argument with Paul and therefore causing his existence to be revealed. Continuing their argument, Paul transferred his knowledge and experience to her in order to prove his point.
Ruth eventually aided in helping Paul get home. She would later also fight against the big guy and started a relationship with Graeme.
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