The Parwans were a race of trinocular mushroom-like beings native to the Outer Rim planet Parwa. They had light brown skin and four dangling tentacles where many species would have legs. They were tall and gangly, with arms ending in three-fingered hands. Parwans had a unique physiology in that their bodies were literally ambulatory bags of gas, which made them lighter than air. The species could float on wind currents, and used their leg tentacles and arms to tether themselves to the ground. The species also produced a naturally high electrical field, and cracked with the energy their bodies produced.

Derrown was a Parwan bounty hunter in operation during the Clone Wars. Parwan could withstand high levels of electric power, and liquids. For example, in the Box, Parwan bounty hunter Derrown used an antidote that would make him pass through ray shields. The antidote was a poison to other species.

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