Alien Species

Panuncians are a non-sapient species from the planet Hathor, and the natural predators of Splixsons.



Panuncians resemble a mix of a wolf and a hyena, with large teeth and a horn on their noses. Their fur is black on the top side and red on the underside.


Panuncians prey on the creatures native to Hathor, but most often prey on Splixsons, to the point of being considered their natural predator. 

Powers and abilities[]

Like Splixsons, Panuncians are able to duplicate themselves without limit.

A Panuncian's saber-like teeth can pierce through flesh with ease.

Panuncians possess enhanced hearing, and can respond to a Zaroffian's whistle.

Due to being non-sapient, Panuncians can safely use the Nemetrix without any risk of mental damage. Combined with their self-duplication, they are able to utilize every available transformation in the Nemetrix at once.


Panuncians are vulnerable to being thrown around by their trails.

Panuncians can be immobilized by exposure to water, such as that generated by an Orishan.

Being feline-esque aliens, Panuncians are afraid of canine-like aliens such as Anubian Baskurrs.


Panuncians are extremely determined and vicious, and can be trained as hunting dogs.


  • Panuncians are similar in appearance to the Smilodon, a type of saber-toothed cat that lived in North America during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 million years ago –10,000 years ago). Like Smilodons, Panuncians prefer to hunt helpless or weak animals.