The Pangabans were an alien race featured in the Ketran game Alien Civilizations.

Biology Edit

The Pangabans were six-legged, and carried their heads high above slender, muscular bodies that was little a junction of the six long legs. They were an aquatic species, their feet were large, webbed, and concave, allowing them to walk and skim the water. They fed by lowering a sort of net from their body down into the water and trolling for microscopic plants and animals of which there was an abundance.

According to Toomin's DNA analysis, the Pangabans showed potential for development to become a spacefaring culture similar to the Illamans.

Culture and society Edit

Pangabans were an intelligent species, possessing a culture, that mostly involved amazing water dances, feeding rituals, and a religion that centered on belief in underwater spirits that gave them food or withheld food.

After their evolutionary awakening they formed hierarchies dominated by warriors. Their culture shifted, favoring a sky god who brought the gift of weapons.

History Edit

The Pangabans originally lived on a moon that orbited the homeworld of another sapient race called the Gunja Wave. Their world was covered mostly by water, with a few soggy islands, and an eternally gray, clouded sky that prevented them from being aware of the sun or other celestial bodies.

While surfing the Uninet, Toomin took notice of the Pangabans in Alien Civilizations and their potential. Seeing a potential game, Toomin contacted his friend Redfar and challenged him to a match. Toomin chose the Pangabans, while Redfar took the Gunja Wave.

Toomin accelerated the Pangabans' development by briefly parting the clouds of their homeworld, where the primitive water dwellers for the first time saw the stars in an epiphany. He then initiated a hurricane on the Pangaban homeworld, causing evolutionary changes. According to the game index, after two hundred thousand years the moon underwent serious adaptations. The hurricane caused the algae levels to drop, and carnivores eels to emerge from the ocean depths. These two factors decimated the Pangaban population, but in response to their ecological changes, the Pangabans began to adapt, becoming smaller and faster to evade the eels.

After the eel threat diminished, the Pangabans began to experiment tool-use, inventing the spear in which they used to hunt and eat the eels becoming predators.

A million years passed the Pangabans crossed the moon's seas armed with spears and bows. However the Pangabans were later rendered extinct after the Gunja Wave developed space travel and landed on the moon. The alien invaders proceeded to devour the Pangabans leaving Redfar the winner in the game.

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