Pandasians (or simply Pandalians) are a panda-like race from the doughnut-shaped world of Pandasia. Notable individuals include Toby, Cool and Love.


Pandasians are humanoid pandas that function more like humans than earth pandas. They're also sexually dimorphic as the males have the typical panda coloration, however females are all white, looking as though they're albino and lack any black pigment whatsoever. They also have a more human-based diet than normal pandas as they'll eat various processed food such as corn, though it is unknown if they eat bamboo or not.


There seems to be two kinds of Pandalians in total: the best known is the terrestrial species like Toby, however there is also an aquatic species whose legs have evolved into fish-like tails, giving them a mermaid-like appearance (though this was largely in part of a magic curse that engulfed and buried their city of Arloo).


Pandasian culture is exactly similar to human culture: some live in a modern city with advanced technology, though there are some known to live in a native American Indian village, and some are known to have been nomadic. There doesn't seem to be anything against nudity as many Pandasians wear little more than shirts or jackets or even nothing at all, even the females (though freezing temperatures are an exception).


In terms of technological advancement Pandasians seem to be at the same level as humans, though their vehicles seem to have surpassed this a bit, as seen with the Coolmobile (Cool's car) which is capable of preforming transformers-like abilities, ironically they don't seem to have invented space-travel (or astronomy for that matter as Toby once remarked he didn't know what a planet was). One of their most unusual machinery are their televisions which are built to look like plants and can even be grown like a plant by watering a seed-like capsule.


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