Flag and key members

The Pan Galactic Alliance, despite its name, is a multi galaxy federation with parliamentary form of governing, Bishop is its president and Earth is its capital, it evolved from the Earth Protection Force.


The Pan Galactic Alliance was born in and when Bishop, the head of the EPF, was saved by an Alien. (Agent Bishop who was bent on defending Earth against alien invasions and he was xenophobic towards most Alien races at the time.) This caused him to rethink his views on Aliens. If one alien could have mercy to save him, than how could he do any less.



Governmental Congress

The Government of the Pan Galactic Alliance is a large governing congress that meets in the PGA headquarters tower the apparently are also judges. Key leading members sit behind a large head table from which final decisions, are carried out.

Arm ForcesEdit

The PGA's armed forces are quite vast and skilled, and are more powerful than the EPF. Soldiers wear outer armor. There are a lot of solders that are well equipped, well armed, and well trained. The plasma gun is very powerful. As a result every solder is equipped with the plasma gun. Bishop's body guard is presumably in the Pan Galactic Alliance Army. They do possess a aerospace navy. Its military presumably combines all the Pan Galactic Alliance races' arm forces, so they might all volunteer and a small squad of there forces is considered a small army.

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