Indiginous only to the Xenomorph home world; Palatines, Chosen Protector or Chosen Few are the elite of the elite in terms of Xenomorph castes. The Queen Mother's Queen sized personal guard, they are tall and gangly, much resembling anorexic Praetorians with long horn-like tines and long pointed cranium. They are the most violent strain of the Xenomorph species. Serving only the Queen Mother they reside in large orb shaped cocoons outside the royal chamber where they quickly dispatch any outside intruders with their primitive savagery. In the event a Queen Mother dies they will moult into a new one with the aid of royal jelly in the queen's chamber becoming the subordinate leader of all the aliens on the planet.


  • "Palatine" comes from the Latin palatinus, meaning either "imperial" or "imperial official". Normally, it is used to refer to a Roman soldier, a Roman or Byzantine official, a feudal lord, a bishop with palantine powers or the highest dignitary in the Kingdom of Hungary after its king.

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