The Pakuni (singular Paku) are a race of short, fur-covered humanoids which inhabit the strange realm known as the Land of the Lost. They appear to be in a cultural and technological state of development akin to the Neolithic period of human history.

Although sometimes described as vegetarians, the Pakuni are actually shown to be omnivores, some of the things they enjoy including flowers and lizards. However they won't eat fish, and are also afraid of pigs. They also appear to consume dinosaur eggs: a rite of passage among the Pakuni includes stealing the egg from an Allosaurus nest. Their culture is highly superstitious and includes ritual dances to the three moons, and the practice of shamanism or witch-doctoring.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the original series, they were always seen in a group of three – Ta, Sa and Cha-Ka – until Ta and Sa departed to unknown territory at the beginning of Season 3 and Cha-Ka became a permanent resident at the Marshalls'. Cha-Ka's English also improves considerably in Season 3.
  • The 2009 movie, which is to be regarded as satirical and non-canonical, shows a fairly large Pakuni village from which Cha-Ka was banished, and also shows Pakuni females which are far more human-looking than the males, much to the delight of Will and Cha-Ka. Lest we remind again that the movie is completely non-canonical.
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