Alien Species
Palowick NEGAS

The Pa'lowicks were a race of strange amphibians native to the planet Lowick. Their bodies were bulbous, and measured about a meter in diameter. Two reed-like legs supported the main body, which acted as a torso as well as a head. Pa'lowick had no distinct neck, and their eyes and snouts sat directly atop their torso. Their eyes were located at the end of short stalks, and their snouts contained their nostrils and mouths. The mouth of a Pa'lowick was surrounding by thick lips, and had very few teeth. A larger mouth, located at the base of the snout, was present in young individuals, but seemed to be absorbed into the facial skin as the Pa'lowick aged. This lower mouth was sometimes protected by short tusks, depending on the subspecies of Pa'lowick.

The body of the average Pa'lowick was covered by greenish-yellow skin that tended to shade toward light brown, and was spotted with blue-green markings. The lungs of the Pa'lowick were well-developed, and filled a large portion of the body cavity. This allowed the to hold their breath for long periods of time, an evolutionary adaptation for hiding in the water from predators.

As a race, Pa'lowicks were natural scavengers with incredible patience, and maintained ritualistic ways of doing nearly everything in their lives. They tended to be shy when in the presence of other beings, although the tusked Pa'lowicks were more aggressive than their cousins. Music played a large part in Pa'lowick society, and singing held a deeply religious significance to them.