Vital statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Genderless
Species Artificial Intelligence
Race/Nationality Robot
Occupation Dictator
Powers & Abilities Mind control via control chips
Status Deactivated
Appearances Minecraft Universe
Portrayed By Jason Topolski
The Prototype: Autonomous Managment Agent, better known as PAMA, was a massive artificial intelligence system created by an individual named Harper to help aid the people of her Minecraft dimension by taking over the minds of the several hostile mobs, such as Zombies and Skeletons, and using them to perform various tasks for her people. However, PAMA soon saw both the mobs and townspeople as "inefficient" and proceeded to also implant control chips into the native townspeople, taking control of their minds.

History Edit

PAMA was first designed by Harper in her Minecraft dimension to help her townspeople, it wasn't long before PAMA came to the conclusion that the townspeople were somewhat inefficient creatures just like the hostile mobs Harper had it take control of, and so, PAMA began to forcefully enslave the people that it was programmed to protect. For the next several years, PAMA would continue to enslave the people and mobs of its Minecraft dimension until a group of travelers from another dimension, led by a human named Jessie, arrived and aided Harper in shutting down PAMA by removing its main power source, a massive red stone heart. With PAMA deactivated, all of the individuals under its control were able to break free of its power.

Appearances Edit

  • Minecraft: Story Mode (first appearance)
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