Alien Species

Ozmodiar is a little green space alien that only Homer Simpson can see.


  • Ozmodiar was introduced in the special episode of The Simpsons named "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase", where narrator Troy McClure presents him as a new character that would appear in the next seasons of the show. This was actually a joke, but Ozmodiar did make a brief appearance in the later episode "HOMЯ", where he speaks to Bart and Lisa (in spite of the fact that he's supposed to be only seen by Homer) after Bart comments that cartoons don't need to make sense and to Homer when Homer is fired.
  • The character is a parody of the Zetoxians (specifically the Great Gazoo) from The Flintstones, and possibly is one.
  • His name seems to be derived from the word "Osmosis".