The Great Protectorate of Owa, Keepers of the Creche of Life, Dwellers in the Oceanic Depths, Reef Keepers and Sailors Upon the Currents of Space, Defenders of the Rainbow Worlds, Seekers of Heroism and Glory for the Owa Protectorate (more commonly simply shortened to just the "abbreviated cognoment" of Owa) are an aquatic race of jellyfish- or cephalopod-like beings. Their planet's star, Mnemosyne I, went nova long before the development of its life. All life on their home planet developed from underwater chemical reactions, therefore they have no light-sensing abilities.

Notable membersEdit

  • Oflubum: Reef Keeper of Owa Prime


  • Because the Owa were created for Star Control 3 and the fact that this game is no longer considered canon, the Owa cannot be considered canon, either.

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Star Control 3 - The Owa

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