Ovomorphs (A.K.A "Xenomorph Eggs") are the initial stage in the lifecycle of most Xenomorphs.



Ovomorphs are known to have two ways of being produced, the most common form of creation for Ovomorphs are the result of an egg laying Queen. The second form however is through a process known as "Eggmorphing", which doesn't require the use of a queen. This process means that other Xenomorphs can take non-Xenomorph matter and transform the matter into a new generation ovomorph. So far the only caste known to perform such a feat are the Drones, however it is possible that other castes can do this as well.


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These eggs stand two feet tall, maybe a bit taller and are a leathery brown color. They are pink in the inside, with many veins and membranes. The egg has four 'petals,' which open when the contained face hugger senses prey, and possess a specially adapted proboscis, that feed the prey the alien seed until it dies.

Abilities and MannerismsEdit

Eggs can sense suitable nearby prey through unknown means, and will open upon doing so. They are able to identify whether a host is suitable through an unknown means, possibly through the detection of movement or body heat. Despite their roots, eggs cannot get around themselves and rely on adult aliens to move them into positions where they can strike.


Eggs develop in 3 different ways.

  • Swollen Egg: In the game Alien vs. Predator: Extinction a Queen could lay eggs that contained up to four facehuggers, depending on the number conditions of the hive, further proof of the Alien's adaptive evolution.
  • Swollen Praetorian Egg: A Swollen egg also features in AvP:E. It holds one Praetorian Facehugger while the rest are just normal facehuggers.

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