Alien Species
Universe Marvel
Homeworld Birkeel
Average Height Same as human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

A highly enlightened and peace-loving race, the Ovoids successfully conquered death itself.


Able to place their essences in fresh, new bodies when their old ones had become too aged or infirm, the Ovoids were virtually immortal. The Ovoids trained Doctor Doom in their technique of body-exchange, and were responsible for the death of the original Air-Walker.

Racial Abilities[]

  • Telekinesis

The Ovoids possess the mental ability of telekinesis (able to move objects with the power of their thoughts).

  • Mind Transference

When near death, Ovoids would send their minds from their dying bodies into cloned replacement bodies, making the Ovoids practically immortal.

Science and Culture[]

The Ovoids had a highly advanced science and culture.

  • Type of Government: Worldwide Democracy
  • Level of Technology: Extraordinarily Advanced
  • Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
  • Population: 5 million