Primal Monitor
955508-primal monitor cropped super
General Information
Scientific name Overmonitor
Homeworld None
Habitat Void
Body Type None
Height Variable
Length Variable
Weight Infinite
Diet None
Lifespan Immortal
Sapience Level None
Behavior None
Language All
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe

Overmonitor is a gigantic vast intelligence named Monitor but referred to in places as "Overmonitor" or "Overvoid", discovered the Bleed and the DC Multiverse within, a 'flaw' at its heart.


In the beginning, there was only Overmonitor. Until he discovered a multiverse (to him, the multiverse is germ size) that had been created by another multiversal race. He sent a probe to explore the multiverse that he had discovered. To make sure that the multiverse is not destroyed by someone, he made a shelter, The Bleed, and a giant Thought Robot.

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