General Information
Homeworld Venus
Habitat Land
Body Type Bipedal tetrapod
Skin Colors Orange
Locomotion Bouncing
Diet Lithometallotroph
Sapience Level Semi-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pictured Atlas of Our Universe
Designed by Roy A. Galant

Oucher-pouchers are a semi-sapient species native to Venus presented as an imaginary example of extraterrestrial life in the non-fiction book Pictured Atlas of Our Universe, by National Geographic.

Biology Edit

Oucher-pouchers exhibit bilateral symmetry and a round body. They are bipedal tetrapods, showing some dexterity with their upper limbs. They have a tail just slightly shorter than their body. However, their preferred method of locomotion consists of inflating their pouch-like bodies and bouncing off.

Their diet consists of metal and rock, and at least one specimen has been observed to feed on the remains of a human-made space probe from Earth.

External links Edit

  • Galant, Roy A. "Pictured Atlas of Our Universe". National Geographic. p. 46.
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