Osmosians are a subspecies of Humans with a unique genetic component in their DNA that grants them unique abilities. They were originally believed to be from the planet "Osmos V", but this turned out to be a hoax.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Anatomy[edit | edit source]

Being a Human subspecies, Osmosians are mostly indistinguishable from Humans. However, they can develop black markings around their eyes after absorbing energy, and artificial Osmosians have small flesh-colored horns on their forehead.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Osmosians normally eat food to sustain themselves. They prefer savories over sweets.[1]

Osmosians are able to feed off the metabolism and life force of other living beings. However, this method of feeding can easily turn into an addiction, causing the Osmosian to become insatiable and instinctively seek out any possible source of energy to feed off of.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Osmosians are able to absorb, hold, redirect and discharge virtually any type of energy through their bodies.

As demonstrated by Kevin Levin, Osmosians can absorb the mass and properties of physical materials, coating themselves in the substance which allows them to take on its properties. This will proportionally increase their strength and durability to whatever they absorbed.[2]

While not on the same level as Tetramands or Petrosapiens, Osmosians are naturally stronger and more durable than Humans.[2]

Osmosians can absorb liquids such as water,[2] which will grant them the properties of that liquid.[3]

Osmosians can absorb mud, which will cause objects to pass through them without causing physical damage. They can also absorb bubblegum.[3]

Osmosians can absorb elastic materials, which will "sort of" give them elasticity. They can also absorb fire, much like a Pyronite.[2]

When Osmosians absorb the DNA and life force of other being, they gain that being's powers.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

An Osmosian's biggest weakness is their insatiable hunger for energy and becoming mentally unstable, and storing energy for long periods of time will worsen their instability. However, this is normally latent and becomes easier to control if they are mature and have experience with absorbing energy.

If an Osmosian is forcibly drained of the energy they have absorbed, it will present risks to their physical health if they do not seek immediate medical attention due to them living off energy instead of eating and sleeping properly.

By absorbing another being's DNA, Osmosians can only acquire the original creature's powers at 1/10th of their original potency. Any powers an Osmosian has absorbed from other life forms will eventually wear off and disappear. The more they absorb, the longer it will take for these powers to wear off.

If they were to absorb liquids, an Osmosian's durability would be at a weak level.[2]

Regardless of how much DNA an Osmosian absorbs, their own DNA will eventually overwrite the absorbed DNA in time, causing them to lose absorbed powers unless they keep reabsorbing to keep it from happening.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Osmosian" is a play on the word "osmosis", the physical process by which a solvent diffuses from an area of a high concentration through a semi-permeable membrane into an area of low concentration.
    • "Osmosian" also refers to the process by which living cells absorb nutrients; this is a reference to the Osmosians' absorption powers.
  • When their existence was first revealed, the Osmosians were believed to be an alien species native to the planet Osmos V. As such, it was confirmed that the Omnitrix contained Osmosian DNA.[2] However, this was retconned in the Omniverse episode "The Rooters of All Evil", which revealed that Osmosians are a human subspecies and that both Osmos V and the sun Osmos were both made up by Servantis.
    • The reason Osmosians were retconned to a human subspecies was to be more in line with the original series and so not every aspect of Ben 10 lore was derived from aliens.[3]
  • Because of the retcon, the Osmosians are how homages to the Mutants of the Marvel Universe and certain Metahumans of the DC Universe that gained their powers through natural causes.
  • Osmosian genes are recessive.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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