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Oryctini are a race of voracious humanoid insect-like aliens from the planet Coleop Terra.[1]


Two distinct types of Oryctini have been observed. The first type are 10 ft (~ 3.04 meters) tall[1] robotic humanoids with dark blueish-purple skin, long horns, and large metallic mouths that spread over part of their chests.

The second type of Oryctini are more insect-like, and have forks at the top of their horns that are similar to those of Japanese rhinoceros beetles.

Although they traditionally have gray, green, and dark green skin, insectoid Oryctini can come in other colors. For example, Negative Eatle has reddish-grey, red, and dark red skin.


Oryctini are preyed on by an unnamed frog-like species.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Similar to Gourmands, Oryctini can eat just about any kind of material[2] and convert their matter into energy. However, unlike the Gourmands, Oryctini shoot green laser beams out of a slot on their horns.

In addition to shooting lasers, an Oryctini's horn can be used as a very effective battering ram.

Oryctini possess enhanced durability, being able to withstand lasers capable of killing Humans and injuring Chronosapiens.

Oryctini possess enhanced strength and sharp claws, and can climb up structures.


The robotic Oryctini seem to have a blind spot due to their eye placement, making it easy for enemies such as a Chimera Sui Generis to sneak up on them. However, the insectoid Oryctini do not have this weakness due to having a different eye placement.

Similar to Gourmands, there is a limit to how much solid matter Oryctini can consume. They may also unaccountably try to eat against their interests.

An Oryctini's weight can have a negative effect on an environment other than their home planet.

Oryctini cannot eat radioactive materials because they are not particularly hearty.[2]

Notable members[]

  • Eatle: An Omnitrix transformation used by Ben Tennyson.
    • Negative Eatle: An alternate version of Eatle used by Albedo.[2]



  • Eatle had a robotic appearance in Ultimate Alien, but has a more organic insectoid appearance in Omniverse. This was probably done so that his appearance would better correlate with the wordplay of his name.
  • Although this species has not been officially named in canon media, the name "Oryctini" comes from the alien gallery special feature of the Ultimate Alien DVD "The Ultimate Enemy". For many years, this species was misspelled as "Oyrctini" due to fan misconceptions.
  • Despite Oryctini being confirmed to have a natural predator, said predator was only a concept for a Nemetrix alien that ended up being scrapped during the production of Omniverse.[2]
  • In 2020, Derrick J. Wyatt released a full-color model of an alternate version of Eatle used by Albedo.
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Oryctini DNA.[3] Therefore, Eatle is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
  • Although they are from different universes, an Iryctini's inability to eat radioactive materials was confirmed using Kryptonite as an example.[2]


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