General Information
Homeworld Ormazd
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Viagens Interplanetarias Universe

The Ormazdians are an intelligent species native to the planet Ormazd.

Biology Edit

The Ormazdians are a humanoid species. They are a bit taller than humans, and posses four digits, while their pupils are slits rather than round. At the tops of their head they possess a single strip of hair running down the scalp. Initially Ormazdians are a highly dimorphic race. Females of the race don't sexually mature unless they consume protein.

History Edit

Two thousand years ago Ormazdian was a progressive culture, advanced in sciences, however that all changed when the Ormazdians adopted the sex-caste system.

That changed with the arrival of the Paris, an exploratory spacecraft of the Viagens Interplanetarias. The Ormazdian encountered the human crew and were exposed to the ideas social equality and universally biologically functional females of the human race. The Community of Elham attempted to gain the firearms of the humans to gain an advantage over the overly aggressive Community of Taavrm. However the human explorers refused as they were forbidden from interfering in the internal affairs of the world of Ormazd.

Culture Edit

The Ormazdians are organized into hive societies similar to Earth bees.  They are divided amongst various nation-states called Communities. Each community is lead by a hyper-fertile queen that reproduces numerous children to continue the life of the Community. She is served by a handful of male drones who are responsible for reproduction, while all other tasks are performed by sterile female workers.

Glossary of Ormazdian Names and Words Edit

  • Aithles—the king in the Lay of Idhios.
  • Antis—a drone of Elham and a close friend of Iroedh.
  • Arsuuni—a race hostile to the Avtini (in their own language, Arshuul).
  • Arsuunyk—the language of the Arsuuni.
  • Avpandh—a worker of Elham.  
  • Avtini—the most civilized race of Ormazd (sing. Avtin).
  • Avtinid—the land of the Avtini.
  • Avtiny—adj., pertaining to the Avtini.
  • Avtinyk—the language of the Avtini.  
  • Baorthus—a drone of Elham.
  • borb—a unit of distance comparable to a mile.
  • branio—“stop” in Avtinyk.  
  • dairtel—a plant bearing a kind of nut.
  • Danoakor—an ancient reforming queen of the Avtini.
  • Denüp—a community of the Arsuuni.
  • Dhiis—a god of the ancient Avtiny religion.
  • dhug—a small spiny animal.
  • dhwyg—a many-legged creeping organism.
  • Dyos—a drone of Elham.  
  • Eiudh—a worker of Elham.
  • Elham—the heroine’s community of Avtini.
  • Elhamni—the inhabitants of Elham.
  • Enroys—a former Oracle of Ledhwid.
  • Estir—Crown Princess of Elham.
  • Eunmar—a goddess of the ancient Avtiny religion.  
  • Garnedh—a priestess of Ledhwid.
  • Geyliad—a locale in the Song of Geyliad.
  • Gliid—an uninhabited valley near Thidhem.
  • Gogledh—a worker of Thidhem.
  • Gruvadh—a worker of Elham.
  • Gunes—a drone in the Lay of Idhios.
  • Gwyyr—the ancient Avtiny goddess of luck.  
  • Hawardem—a northern Avtiny community.
  • Ho-olhed—the star Procyon. hudig—a small edible herbivore. huusg—a jellyfish-like marine organism (also a constellation).
  • Hwead—a gorge near Ledhwid.  
  • Idhios—hero of the Lay of Idhios.
  • Igog—a fire-breathing monster in the Tale of Mantes.
  • Iinoedh—a worker of Elham. Inimdhad—a place mentioned in the Lay of Idhios.
  • Intar—Queen of Elham. Iroedh—a worker of Elham, and the heroine.
  • Ithodh—a worker of Yeym.  
  • khal—a tree with edible seeds.
  • Khinad Point—a place near Elham. Khinam—a ruined city on Khinad Point.
  • Khwiem—an Avtiny community.
  • künnef—the war cry of the Arsuuni.
  • Kutanas—a drone of Elham. kwa—“Hurrah!” in Avtinyk.  
  • Ledhwid—site of a famous oracle.
  • leipag—a medium-sized edible herbivore.
  • Lhanwaed—a range of hills near Elham. Lhuidh—a priestess of Ledhwid.

Appearances Edit

  • Rogue Queen by L. Sprague de Camp
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