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Universe SPORE
Homeworld Cattor
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Orlops are a race of intelligent, pack-hunting predators closely related to the Bunzo. They have a radial mouth full of razor teeth and an unusual flower-shaped structure in the tail, which is probably to be used either for attracting prey or during their mating season. Their eyes also possess long, thick eyelids in order to protect their eyes from the falling ash of local, highly active volcanoes on their homeworld of Cattor.

Despite their non-sapience, they are still quite mentally advanced, and combined with their commonality on their home planet, they were a likely candidate for becoming a new sapient species to rule over their world. However, since they have been seemingly lost within the galaxy and not only them but also their planet can no longer seem to be located by any races, they are now considered extinct, along with a number of other species.

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