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Ord is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

The history of Ords was the bloodiest history ever written. They were born and bred in the storms of constant wars. When they were defending their system Nebel from a great number of hostile species, Ords developed into a merciless and bloodthirsty civilization whose only reality was one coloured in war paints. At that time they didnt have any established command so they were reacting by their own free will. Somehow in the Age of fifth generation one of the warlords Darg wanted to put everything in order so that they could finally act as a community and not a like frantic mass. After a period of reckless disturbance, they agreed to establish a military reign, a group of the best warlords in the entire civilization. Above them all ruled the bravest and the most powerful of them all. To get hold of that position, one must go through a variety of trainings and tests of staying power. As Ords were generally a distrustful species, whose individuals future mostly depended on winning their hearts and heads. After 10 hard years of training, first Chief Warlord finally became Sardu. From the very beginning he set priority commands for all Ords: to be in war with all species no matter what and never to disobey war commands or to flee from a battlefield. They were exterminating all traitors and all pleaders of peacefulness even if it was the Chief Warlord himself.

After dozens of years, system Nebel turned into a wide military zone where Ords created central military facilities and their main place for combat - Arena of truth. In that place every Chief Warlord was proving his value as the greatest among all others. Even when he was ruling they still frequently tested his strength and endurance. Ords would place him to fight against his favourite ones in order to prove if he could separate his emotions and fight against them no matter what the consequences were. Besides that, he would have to pass the last test: to go with troops in battleships and to conquer new areas, especially the ones that were already occupied by other species. It was the greatest challenge of them all and the one who would pass it would be honoured for all eternity. Ords also believed that only brave warriors should have last funeral honours and all the rest should always be cursed for their insignificant act. Their oath was:�Birth in bravery and death in glory!�

Searching for the most perfect leader Ords were somehow always met with a misfortune, like it was some kind of endless curse. That was the main reason they had restlessness inside their government and there were frequent struggles for gaining power.

Nevertheless, they continued to look for new galactic system to expand their might as well to find new enemies. At the Age of tenth generation, when they were exploring system Green Point, they intercepted a small fleet of battleships of an unusual race of cyborgs and robots. Ords destroyed lots of their battleships and several were forced to land on a planet because their battleships were seriously damaged. Before Ords captured them and slaughtered them, the cyborgs successfully managed to send an emergency cry for help to the rest of the Makkinists that were situated in system Cross. As Ords were eager to find Makkinists, in order to fight against such powerful enemy, they were waiting for arrival of Makkinists. But when they came, Ords were facing futile struggle because these Makkinists were much stronger than those they had conquered. So Ords suffered a great defeat and lost among others their Chief Warlord Jerez. As Makkinists took system Green Point and expanded their dominancy, Ords were searching for their new Chief Warlord because without him they werent making any offensive operations. So every time they got new Chief Warlord Ords were attacking Makkinists in system Green Point. Every now and then Ords would win or loose battles, especially when they would loose their Chief Warlord. Usually Makkinists would hire some mercenaries to kill their leader and knew that they wouldnt return that soon. But Makkinists knew Ords would never give up until they get what they want. So the war against machines still lasts. Somewhere in the same time Ords burst into Solar system and, detecting numerous amounts of living creatures on planet Earth, they attacked them to see what war skills they knew. It was strange for Ords that those creatures didnt even try to defend themselves in first strike. When humans contacted them and tried to solve this conflict peacefully, Ords, filled with rage towards this cowardice, stroke again. This time they sent it as message that they dont negotiate neither they will ever. They slaughtered more than 4 million people and moved on to the next system that they named Goe. Ords started to colonize planets in that system, especially because there were lots of resources that they could trade with others. A group of them remained there in order to create one of the most powerful economical areas in space. After a while, 30 battleship of EMD intruded into their system and revenged those that Ords destroyed on Earth in Solar system. Ords lost one of the most productive areas and all troops that were situated there. One of the main reasons that they didnt come back and restored their territory was that Ords were fighting against the Collective through several star systems. Although Ords suffered great casualties, they still managed to survive and to withdraw to their base system Nebel. After a while Ords succeeded to reinforce their military strength and decided to restore their colonies in system Goe. Now that system was under the power of humans that had separated from EMD and had totally opposite philosophy. That organization was known as United Union Force and they represented principles of peacefulness and valued life more than war. This was enough for Ords to decide to perish them from system and from the universe. EMD knew their politics so they offered them a deal: to slaughter all members of UF and in return they could have their colonies. As Ords had other plans, they agreed to act as their mercenaries at first but their real target was total destruction of Earth and EMD, especially because they made a pact with Makkinists who were their biggest enemy of all time. Everybody tried to deceive each other so they all shared distrust and were well armed just in case somebody suddenly decided to break off their mutual agreement.

Acting as mercenaries, Ords got on their way to the system Goe but they didnt expect that UF had another ally a species called Yah-An-Ra. Nobody knew much about them since this was their first encounter but hopefully not the last one. One of the greatest intergalactic wars was about to burst. Nobody wanted to change their minds, especially Ords who wanted this to happen.

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