Alien Species

Dr. Doppler ends up covered in slime

Orcus galacticus are large space-borne creatures which can be found traveling in groups in the space surrounding the Montressor spaceport station.

They are shaped like killer whales with long fins and have an undulating membrane on their tails, which they use to "swim" through the atmosphere above the Etherium (thus hinting that they are full of some sort of gas much lighter than a ship). Although friendly, these blue giants must be approached with care because of an opening on the back of the head which can eject a nasty beam of mucus-like slime. Dr. Doppler learned about this the hard way when he tried to photograph one on the departure of the RLS Legacy's expedition.


  • Orcus is, like Hades, a god of the underworld and punishes unfaithful individuals in several European mythologies.
  • Orcus somewhat resembles the scientific name of Orca/Killer whales which is Orcinus orca.