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Orc (pronounced /ˈɔrk/), sometimes known as Greenskin, refers to many warlike races from various universes that, while normally found in fantasy settings are not bound to them, with a number of them appearing in science-fiction sagas as well although many of these sagas are at least partially fantasy-based. They are variously portrayed as physically stronger or weaker than humans, but are always high in numbers. The term "greenskin" comes from the many role-playing and computer games, within which they are often shown to possess green or greenish skin.

While the modern Orc designs can be attributed to J.R.R. Tolkien, he did not create the species - they originally appeared in mythology in the form of a huge sea serpent. It was the antagonist of the tale of Rogero & the Hippogriff. The association with ogres most likely arose from the Italian word "orco" meaning "ogre", or the Latin "Orcus", meaning "Hell", a name also identified with the Greek god Hades.

Gallery of various Orc speciesEdit

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