The Oravores were an aggressive sapient species that existed around the same time as the Protheans. The species often was searching for resources to exploit, which once brought them toward the Asari homeworld of Thessia as they attempted to strip it of its abundant resources. The Asari at this point in history were non-starfaring, and would have been exterminated had the Protheans not intervened and drove the vile Oravores away from Thessia. The primitive Asari interpreted this conflict as their god Athame (Protheans) protecting them from all the other jealous gods (Oravores).

The species also fought a war with the Densorin, though the meaning of the conflict is unknown; the whether the Oravores won or lost the war is also unknown.

The Oravores are currently extinct, but the cause of their extinction is unknown, however since they existed around the same time as the Protheans, a likely cause for their extinction was likely brought upon them by the Reapers.

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