General Information
Locomotion quadrupedal
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Natural Selection Universe

The Onos is the largest and physically strongest Kharaa subspecies, and considered the dreadnoughts of the species. The name of the species is deprived from a particular first encounter, ending with all of the remaining marines simply saying "oh no". It's also the most expensive playable Kharaa to play as, costing 75 rescource cost points.

All of its attacks are purely physical, and can withstand a ton of damage compared to other Kharaa.


The Onos are gargantuan, the largest Kharaa subspecies. It has a rhinocerous-like horn attached to a bug-like carapace for protection. Its body has an anatomy similar to that of a great ape, such as a gorilla, with back feet mirroring an odd-toed ungulate.

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