Pikmin MasterOnion
General Information
Homeworld PNF-404
Sapience Level Unknown
Racial Abilities Reproduces Pikmin seeds
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin Universe

Onions are a strange lifeform deeply associated with Pikmin as their nesting grounds and main means of their reproduction.

Appearance Edit

Onions are seemingly related to the Candypop Bud, having a similar flower on top of the body. Different types of Onions are colored depicting on which type of Pikmin are produced. All Onions have three legs, strung out like roots to keep the being steady and standing.

Although they appear to be made of organic material, they still have a form of mechanical structure to their anatomy, which includes a "propeller" structure for its flower to give it flight, and metal slots for its legs to retract into.

Behavior Edit

Little is known about the behavior of the Onions themselves, but most study is presented of the reproductive behavior. Pikmin would bring organic material to the Onions, to which it would lift inside it with a tractor beam, and upon such releases Pikmin seeds to plant and grow. It has a rather specific system when it comes to seed release, not releasing over 100 Pikmin at a time as more seeds are stored inside its body. In the case of Olimin, it can also transfuse creatures with Pikmin DNA.

It only rests on the ground during the day, requiring sunlight. When it senses nightfall, it will then fly to the low atmosphere and wait until daybreak, as it is far safer. Pikmin will instinctively board the Onions before nightfall for similar reasons.

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