The Ongree are an unusual, alien race roughly humanoid in stature. They are native to the planet Skustell and are distinguished by their unusual cranial structure, which comes to a rounded point at the top of their skull. The eye sockets of an Ongree are tube-like in shape, originating near the base of the skull and curving forward and down to their chins. The mouth of an Ongree is located between and above their eyes, giving the average Ongree the appearance of having its head attached upside down. Each of their hands end with two thick fingers and an opposable thumb. The average Ongree stands just over a meter in height, but walks with a lanky gait. The Ongree are known for their ability to view any situation from a variety of angles, and often spend a great deal of time weighing all the possible perspectives before making a decision.

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