Alien Species

Omnivoracious are a species of bird-like aliens from Galvan Prime who were the natural predators of the Galvan before their extinction due to a meteor impact and subsequent climate change on Galvan Prime.


Omnivoracious is a tall, alien bird-like species with ruffled, byzantium purple feathers with their head sporting the most ruffled feathers. The areas that are bald, being the long neck and the are of the legs under the femur, are a pale shade of wisteria purple and have visible horizontal fissures. The torso represents that of an emu/crane and has a tuff of feathers under the neck.

Their legs are structurally similar to that of an emu/ostrich/cassowary/crane but with a longer pair of tarsi and Dromaeosaur/Velociraptor-like feet with hook-like 'big toes'. Their feet have three toes along with an inner toe just below each ankle. Each toe ends in black talons. Their arms represent the wings of a hawk. Each arm is equipped with a bat-like hooked finger that shares the same color with the feathers. their actual tail is quite long compared to a bird's and also terminates in four strips of even longer, streamer-like tail feathers.

Their heads and neck highly resemble that of a stork. It has a long, crooked greyish blue beak along with a long, pale teal tongue. The beak also act like gums and holds tiny, almost randomly-placed sharp teeth that are the same color as the beak. The beak itself is textured with small bumps and has four shark fin-like horns with the very front and the second to back being longer than the other two. The beak also has an extension that sports the nostrils and runs up to the back of the scalp. The head has two black indents made from the eye orbits in the skull. Each eye orbit holds two green, cat-like eyes with black pupils. The back of the head also holds feathers that are longer than the rest found on the head.

Powers and abilities[]

Omnivoracious are fast runners.

Omnivoracious can fly due to having wings.

Omnivoracious possess sharp claws and beaks.

Omnivoracious has high intelligence, as they were the only predator the Galvans were unable to outwit and defeat with their small size.


Omnivoracious preyed on Galvan and other native inhabitants of Galvan Prime.


Omnivoracious were notably susceptible to the effects of climate change such as cold weather and snow.


The Omnivoracious were once known as the swiftest, fiercest, most cunning and determined predator in the known universe. They were also the dominant species on Galvan Prime, until a meteor struck the planet and killed most members of the species.

Surviving members continued to roam but all died in cold weather due to the following change in climate on Galvan Prime millions of years ago, eventually leaving their natural prey: the Galvan as the dominant species.

The Omnivoracious species was eventually resurrected by an Omnitrix-type device called the Nemetrix. Technically speaking, the Nemetrix's Omnivoracious transformation is currently the last living Omnivoracious in the universe.



  • The name Omnivoracious is a combination of the prefix "omni-", meaning all; and "voracious", meaning driven to consume large amounts of food. The name itself roughly translates to "driven to eat anything".
  • The story behind their extinction is reminiscent of how dinosaurs are thought to have been wiped off of the Earth.
  • Omnivoracious being the Galvan's natural predator is based on how real-life birds hunt frogs and toads.