Alien Species
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Universe StarCraft Universe
Homeworld Aiur
Diet Carnivorous (Protoss, very likely other species)
Sapience Level Non-sapient

Omharas are or were a species of large, tricloptic, hooved carnivores indigenous to Aiur that bear live young. As one could probably suspect from a hooved predator, they are fast and equipped with sharp teeth. While lacking higher intellect they possess a strong primal instinct with an equally powerful body to match. They make their homes in caves, and their eyes are adapted to the low light conditions found within, likely indicating that they hunt nocturnally.

During the Aeon of Strife, the Shelak Tribe heaped much religious significance on the Omhara. This took the form of offerings of food, namely of Protoss from other tribes they had slain in combat and sometimes those seen as traitors from their own, indicating that Omharas are apt to prey on Protoss or are highly opportunistic.

Because of the planet Aiur's fall to the Zerg and no references being made to their being brought off-world, they are currently considered extinct until proof of their further existence has revealed itself. If they have not been eradicated simply for being useless to the Zerg, then they may have been consumed and adapted into a species of Zerg strain.