Alien Species

Ollopoms are aquatic, rodentoids that spend their lives floating atop the surface of the Gungan Swamps of Naboo.

Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Naboo
Diet Herbivorous (Pom Petals)
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient


These short, gentle, dense, green-furred organisms possess visual mimicry meant to camouflage them to blend in with the local Pom Petals, whose edges they feed upon. Their underside has gnawing teeth and three pairs of paddle-like claws, while their fluke tail is used as a rudder. Long, bloom-like tendrils grow out from their head follicles, to help complete their mimicry. These tendrils also bloomed when those of the pom petals also did so. Young are noted for riding on their mother's tail.