The Ogrons are a sapient but not particularly intelligent humanoid species which have been employed as mercenaries by the Daleks on multiple occasions. They are robust creatures with rubber-like purplish skin. Their limited intelligence is compensated by great physical strength and resilience, although they do possess a weak spot on the top of their heads.

Their ability to manipulate technology, despite being otherwise barely sapient, coupled with their complete obedience to their masters, suggests some sort of artificial breeding might have been involved in their creation.

The Ogron homeworld is a barren landscape inhabited by enormous beasts which hunt and devour Ogrons, yet are religiously revered by them.


  • Doctor Who:
    • Season 9 - Day of the Daleks (1972)
    • Season 10 - Frontier in Space (1973)
  • Virgin New Adventures novel - Shakedown (1995)
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