They were indigenous primate breeds, which were descendants of those who came from the sky, the old inhabitants of Daxam. The Scarlet Emperor was an alien who visited planets to abduct beings, altering their DNA to be slaves to him about five hundred thousand years ago in his "Warworld" star empire. He preached the teachings of the Divine Deity and was responsible for the genesis of the Clone Rights Movement. The Scarlet Emperor was the master in his tyranny, however, the genetic flaw introduced by his brother Sard altered the idealism of his followers, creating a rebellion against the tyrannical of his brother in the subterranean prison of a planetoid founded by him.

During a war with the powerful The Scarlet Emperor, Sard sacrifices his life to save a group of surviving slaves, leaving them to a planet nearer to a red dwarf star, colliding his ship with the other ship of his brother Scarlet. The survivors came to live in the caves and their descendants became a tribe of natives, who were isolated far away from their natural habitat, and Sard became a God to this people, they called themselves Ogigi.

Generations passed, and a group of rebellious settlers from the planet Krypton "Kryptonians" settled to the planet, encountering the Ogigi tribe, but the "lead" brought from Krypton began to kill a group of Ogigi in exchange for land offerings. Lead was eliminated by the Kryptonians to preserve the culture of the Ogigi, and the two races mingled over the years, becoming a single race called Daxamite, which inherited the powers of the Kryptonians over the yellow sun and the fatal mortality of lead by the Ogigi.

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