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Oderus is an intergalactic barbarian and a former member of the Scumdog Legion.

Oderus with his favorite sword, Unt Lick
Oderus Urungus
Universe GWAR
Homeworld Scumdoggia
Height Around 6' (~ 1.82 m)
Diet Cannibal
Sapience Level Sapient


Rumored to be around 50 billion years old, Oderus was assembled on the planet Scumdoggia in "Syntho Womb 5" after pieces of his moldy war frame were found scattered throughout the galaxy. Shortly after, he was given a sword and put into a gladiatorial arena where he had to fight slowtards who tried to rape him. According to some sources, his father was a supercomputer and his mother was a Petri Dish, though Oderus has mentioned his father resides on the planet of the gays, and his mother resides on the planet of the whores.

Formerly a member of the prestigious Scumdog Legion, Oderus and his crew were banished to earth by The Master as a punishment for destroying the wrong planet (they were ordered to destroy Flab Quarv 6, but accidentally accosted Flab Quarv 7) and for revolting against him. There, he and his crew destroyed the dinosaurs and mated with the apes and essentially created what would become Humans. As further punishment for this act, the Master trapped them in a large cave in Antarctica and froze them after they wrecked humanity's civilizations. Centuries later, in the 1980s, a hole formed in the ozone layer due to excessive use of hairspray by humans, melting the crew and releasing them from their icy bonds. They were soon after found by Sleazy P. Martini, a money-hungry record producer who saw a way to make profit from a band consisting of disgusting space pirates. This band would come to be known as GWAR, which Oderus fronted.

Oderus and his crew had been trying for decades to escape Earth, all the while doing battle with numerous monsters, humans, aliens, robots, and other Scumdog members. The Destructos, who were sent to Earth to kill Oderus and his crew, were eventually defeated and in 2009 had their ship stolen by the group, who used it to finally escape from Earth. However, they returned soon after, as crack doesn't exist anywhere besides Earth, and also because they needed an army of the undead to do battle with Sawborg.