Alien Species

The wise and learned Oc'to are invertebrate octupus like species whose wealth of knowledge allowed them to make great stides in the fields of science and philosophy. Many an Oc'to will devote his life to the pursuit of knowledge and mental and spiritual enrichment through the practices of scientific study, philosophy and meditation.

The average Oc'to is slightly shorter than a man with six tentacle arms, a wide mouth and stalked eyes. They move by sliding on a sluglike foot. Though lacking in physical strength compared to other races such as the Mortok or even Humanity, they excel in nearly all forms of mental functions, effectively being the most intelligent race in the known galaxy.

Oc'to vessels and stations are organic in design, with certain sections built in the shape of organs, ligaments or tentacles. Station docking ports are built in the shape of an octopus's mouth. Station lobbies, trade areas and bars are designed with glowing ports and signs. The bars generally have ceiling lights and barstools built in the shape of tentacles. Oc'to ships are built in the shape of octopi in general, with a bulbous head at the bow and tentacle-design engine thrusters at the stern. Oc'to ships are equipped with Graviton Guns, Oc'to weapons that evolved from the gravitonic technology used in their underwater homes. The gun fires a ring of powerful gravitonic energy, that devastates a ship's hull and shields in a few shots. However, its rate of fire is slow and it drains the weapon energy reserves quickly. Oc'to hunters can also deploy static drones that act as miniature weapons platforms, firing at the enemy from afar. If the Oc'to that launched the drone is shot down, the drone ceases fire and then self-destructs. Oc'to Pirate Bosses are able to launch drones that follow the ship from behind.