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Obsidius (originally called Magmouth) is a giant monster/daikaiju that appears in the video game, Godzilla: Unleashed! His name Obsidius was chosen for him by Godzilla fans  - with other possible names been Pyrodorah, Kazango, Dotoryo, and Volcanis.

Obsidius is a hybrid beast - having been brought to life by one of SpaceGodzilla's alien crystals that impacted in Seattle, but with his body having been brought together by the ferrous materials of Earth's Lithosphere. Due to been created by the alien energies of the crystals, he is essentially the brother of fellow monster Krystalak.


When SpaceGodzilla managed to send the alien crystals through a portal back into our universe as meteors, the meteors impacted across numerous areas on the planet, including several major cities. Upon impact, crystal formations begin to grow from the impact zones - with them affecting their impact zone in different ways.

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Obsidius is 'born'.

  • Monster Island's barriers that prevent the monsters from escaping are destroyed.
  • Tokyo is flooded by a combination of heavy rain and unrelenting tsunamis.
  • San Francisco is tore open along the San Andreas fault-line.
  • Part of London is torn from the ground and suspended in an Anti-Gravity vortex.
  • Sydney becomes a frozen wasteland.
  • Osaka is poisoned by several gas vents that are opened due to crystal activity.
  • Part of New York has been destroyed by the impact of a much larger meteor.
  • Seattle is thrown into chaos as several erupting volcanoes are formed.

In Seattle, one of the crystal meteors manages to penetrate the Earth's crust, going into the lithosphere. Inside, the crystal's alien energies begin to draw in the magma flows and forge the body of a new, sentient creature. Some time later, the new monster broke free from under the Earth's crust and appeared in Seattle after emerging from one of its erupting volcanoes - revealing itself to the world.

Thanks to his mineral-based exterior, Obsidius' hide is virtually impenetrable against both physical and energy based attacks. With huge arms and flexible legs, Obsidius is a powerful fighter - his attacks been similar to a gorilla but also to the Vortaak's alien monster Orga. He is also capable of curling up into a ball and rolling at high speeds - often destroying anything he crashes into and knocking enemy monsters off
Obsidius Inferno Attack

Concept art of Obsidius using his 'Inferno' attack.

their feet.

Thanks to been born from the ferrous materials of the Earth, Obsidius is essentially a 'living volcano' and is immune to lava - been easily able to run around the lava pools of Seattle without any injury. As well as having the ability to burrow underground, Obsidius can spit out a stream of burning lava (known as an inferno attack).


Godzilla Unleashed! - Video Game (Nintendo Wii / Playstation 2)

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