Nymph (Nagarya)
General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Nagarya

The Nymphs are a race from an unknown planet that inhabit the jungles of an area known as the Lost Continent.

Biology Edit

Nymphs contrary to their name are not a single gendered species. Males and females appear to be no different from humans but appear to be more handsome and beautiful. Nymphs wear no clothing, but were predominately black haired which they kept in long tresses for both genders. The males were thought to be initially sterile, as there were no children to be found amok. But later evidence was found that the sterility is artificial, as the females had been inserted with strange contraceptive devices.

History Edit

Origins on the Nymphs are unclear, though the wrecks of various Earth vessels, suggests that the humanoids on the planet were of Earth origin. At one point the Nymphs built a civilization on the Lost Continent, however through some calamity left their city to live out a primitive existences as beasts in the jungles.

Four astronauts, Johnny, John, Mongo, and Anny, from Earth discovered the Nymph after being stranded on the planet. Gaining the trust of a tribe of fourteen Nymphs, they integrated into their society. Each crew mate selected a mate. Despite being unable to understand the Nymphs who only mimicked their words, the two groups live in carnal bliss. However the group began to notice the tribe's lack of pregnancies and peculiar fear on manufacture goods. When John's mate. Loyannah fell ill, he against her wishes used his medical equipment on her to save her life. The doctor discovered a contraceptive device implanted in her, and after examination of the other women in the tribe learned was the cause of the sterility. Over time the Nymphs overcame their fear of tools and fire mastering them under the guidance of the Earth people. The tribe eventually relocated to an area where a series of ruins laid. The Nymphs were terrified of the ruins and only stated one word: Nagarya.

There they discovered a injured woman suspend in the ruins and several mutilated corpses. The woman, Marana, after recovering left the tribe to bring others of her kind who began to rally to the Earth people seeking shelter from the Nagarya. The Nagarya soon began sending soldiers to commit murders on several tribe members. One night a Nagarya soldier attempted to murder several women was stopped by Ekaton. Finding the soldier to be a normal human, he was later killed by Marana in revenge. The murders of the Nymphs still continued, however rather than be cowed the Nymphs began to fight back alongside their human allies, committing tactics that forced the Nagarya to travel in groups than alone.

Culture Edit

The Nymphs are extremely wild creatures living in the jungles and canopy. They flee from the slightest disturbance and scent preferring to avoid any possible danger. Danger though for them was not the wildlife of the jungles such as big reptiles but the Nagarya. The Nymphs are always on the move and spread unexpectedly in all directions to avoid being hunted. Nymphs are mainly peaceful and sometimes lascivious, though they can be silent and motionless all through the day during moments of apparent dread. Other times females act like stalking felines and can be deadly especially when claiming mates amongst each other. They are animalistic as they do not build anything, leave no traces. Nymphs had little use for language to understand, as to them it was empty of all the hand could touch and was very limited. They appear to have an innate fear of manufactured objects and associate them to Nagarya. Even huts are structures are anathema to them which they immediately destroy.

Appearances Edit

  • Nagarya 2 - The Lost Continent
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