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Null Guardians, also known as Nullvoiders,[1] are artificial alien creatures native to the Null Void.


Null Guardians are gray alien creatures resembling Vulpimancers but with bat-like wings and tentacles instead of traditional limbs.

Powers and abilities[]

Null Guardians are capable of using their tentacles as limbs.

Using their wings, Null Guardians can fly.

Null Guardians hunt prey using telepathy that locks onto life energy.[1]

Null Guardians are capable of firing purple energy blasts from their mouths.

Cultural significance[]

Because of their function, Null Guardians are considered to be prison guards or "guardian angels" by colonists in the Null Void. They are shown to be easily tamed and used as mounts.


Galvans created the Null Void as a prison for intergalactic criminals. Thus, they created the Null Guardians to protect the colonists there from criminals.



  • In the original series, the Null Guardians were stated to the only indigenous lifeforms in the Null Void.[1] However, this was retconned in Alien Force with the debut of the Null Void Settlers in the episode "Voided".


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