Nui-Rama are large wasp-like Rahi. They are either orange and black or light green and black in color. The Gukko are considered to be their natural enemy.

On Metru Nui, they ate liquid Protodermis straight from the chute system. They were particularly attracted to the impurities in it. They use their stinger to pierce the magnetic field around the chute and then use it to drink the protodermis. If they return to a single spot too often, the field will be ruined and the chute collapses.

The Nui-Rama followed the Matoran to Mata Nui, where they built new nests. Teridax forced them to wear Infected Masks, like the other Rahi on the island, to make them do his bidding. They made two attacks on Le-Koro, taking many Matoran, Turaga Matau, and placed an infected Kanohi on Lewa. Onua eventually came and rescued them. Upon freeing the Nui-Rama from their masks, the Nui-Rama were tamed, and the Gukko Force of Le-Koro occasionally rode them alongside their Gukko.


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