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Nude Creatures are a species of humanoid sapient beings inhabiting the Nude Beach Planet.


They are ugly-looking pink humanoids. Main features:

  • Their ears are two holes.
  • They all possess two belly buttons.
  • They possess three fingers and two toes.
  • They all possess a little snout on their faces.
  • They all possess three spots on the shoulder, variating in color.
  • They all possess two nose holes in the upper section of the sprout.


The Sprunger in action

The Sprunjer is an extra organ that the Nude People have underneath their chin. Its purpose is detecting information; engorging itself in the presence of records, codes, or even hairs that are so much as shaped as the number six. It resembles a bullfrog or toad's throat sounds when it detects high levels of information.

While in presence of the Time Sphere, the Sprunjer goes crazy. One can only wonder what would happen if they got close to the Infosphere.

Notable members[]

Scammer aliens
  • Nudar (NAS)
  • Sclump (NAS)
  • Fleb (NAS)

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