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Universe Metroid Universe
Birth Unspecified
Death N/A
Species Vhozon
Gender Male
Height Unspecified
Hair color None (Presumed)
Eye color Blue (Presumed)
Homeworld Vho
Affiliation Unspecified

Noxus is a Vhozon acolyte from the planet Vho in the game Metroid Prime: Hunters.


Noxus is a noble yet mysterious Vhozon warrior, and, like all Vhozon, follows his race's strict code of law. He has chosen to risk his life to secure the ultimate power so that neither those unworthy or with evil intent may ever take it for themselves. Due to his species' naturally frozen environment, he is susceptible to hot temperatures, and is therefore noticeably weak to Spire's Magmaul; this is because the intense heat of Spire's weapon can melt even the coldest of beings.

Claiming his trusty Judicator as his affinity weapon, he can wield it to great effect on the battlefront. In fact, his favorite pastime is to simply freeze opponents in place in order to get up close and personal with his now-frozen prey.


Noxus transforms into the Vhoscythe as an alternate form, which is a deadly vortex of spinning blades that is just itching to shred the opposition into unrecognizable bits.


Having gone to locate the ultimate weapon for his species, Noxus first encountered Samus Aran, another bounty hunter, within Sic Transit in the frozen wastes of Arcterra.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)
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