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Part of the Alliance of Four Great Races along with the Asgard, Furlings and the Ancients, the Nox are an advanced race that live on the planet Gaia.

Culture and society[]

The Nox are peaceful and fairy-like people, capable of reviving the dead and rendering objects as large as their own city invisible.


They encountered SG-1 on their homeworld when the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis came hunting for the Fenri.

When SG-1 wanted to help the Tollans escape Earth and the NID, they suggested that the Nox could take them. The Nox later helped the refugees leave Earth and build a Stargate on their new home world of Tollana. In addition, Lya acted as the neutral Archon in the Triad of Skaara and Klorel. When Teal'c became suspicious of the Goa'uld's intentions during the Triad, he approached Lya for help and they reached a compromise: Lya refused to directly help against the Goa'uld but would hide one of the Tollan's ion cannons in case it was necessary. It turned out to be a necessary precaution as the Goa'uld did attack, but Lya walked a fine line in doing so: she didn't break the Nox's pacifism as she only hid the cannon, not fired it.