Alien Species
Nova Concept.png
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Carnivorous
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Nova.gif Novas, also known as Sovas, are non-sapient, thermophilic beetle-like organisms indigenous to the planet Zebes, where they are found primarily within Norfair and Ridley's Lair. They are protected from their home environs by a spiky, fireproof wool that covers their entire body; this wool allows them to carry fire on their backside to greatly increase their own defense against would-be predators, although it does little to deter determined sapient attackers with ranged weaponry. A weaker subspecies of Novas was noted to exist at one point, which was blue in color instead of yellow. However, these seemed to disappear and are presumed to have gone extinct even before the planet Zebes was destroyed. It is also possible but less probable that these "Blue Novas" were immature "Yellow Novas".

Nova's were brought aboard the Bottle Ship, where one can observe that they actually have sac-like abdomens. They use their sac to propel themselves at foes.

For a time, the Galactic Federation considered or succeeded in renaming them to "Sovas" for unknown reasons, but this was dropped when the species finally went extinct with their homeworld's detonation, minus a few found aboard the Bottle Ship and the Biologic Space Laboratory Research Station and presumably on some other Space Pirate worlds, as they could certainly prove useful in combat for them, given their ability to carry fire with them. Until proven otherwise, they are considered officially extinct.