Alien Species

The Nosaurians are an alien race native to the planet New Plympto. The average Nosaurian is a blue-skinned reptiloid which stands nearly one and a half meters tall, with long arms and short legs. Their skulls are crowned with a ring of bony horns, and their pointed snouts are ridged with scales. These horns are an indication of an individual's demeanor, as old or quarrelsome individuals will have many broken horns.

As a species, Nosaurians can only see visible light on varying degrees of black and white. They characterize most colors by their particular shade of gray. The inside of a Nosaurian's mouth can be lit with a phosphorescent glow at will, a trait which even the Nosaurians can not describe in terms of an evolutionary need. However, it provides them with a way to communicate across distances at night, without giving away their position by making noise. Individuals have exceptionally fast reflexes, a trait which allows Nosaurians to excel as pilots or athletes. Nosaurians are also noted for a specific quirk: they always bay at the setting sun. This response seems to be almost involuntary, and results in seemingly strange behavior among those Nosaurians who travel offworld.

As a people, the Nosaurians supported Count Dooku and the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, this put them in a bad position when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and ushered in the era of the New Order. Because the Nosaurians had supported the Separatists, they were targeted for immediate subjugation by the clone troopers of the Galactic Empire. Relatively few individuals actually escaped the fighting, and those soldiers who surrendered were brutally executed. Huge numbers of refugees were captured and sold into slavery, as part of Emperor Palpatine's plan to make them an example of what would happen to any people or world that opposed the Empire. Over time, however, the Nosaurians were able to reclaim their homeworld, and re-establish their society on New Plympto.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Nosaurian race resisted the subjugation of their homeworld with ferocious wills. Unfortunately, the Nosuarians were wiped out by a bio-engineered plague unleashed by the alien invaders, in retaliation for their resistance. Only a handful of Nosaurians were offworld at the time, and represented the very last members of their race.