Alien Species

The Norcadians are a sapient humanoid species from the galaxy's Delta Quadrant and the sponsors of the infamous tsunkatse gladiatorial combats fought between humanoids from all over the galaxy and which take place in the Norcadian homeworld and attract a vast number of alien visitors, generating important income for the planet.

Behind the scenes[]

Because they were mentioned as working behind the Tsuntakse games, it has been assumed that the game controller Penk is a Norcadian, as well as his subordinates and several members of his species which have been seen in the audience. This is most likely incorrect however, as the only character to ever be explicitly identified as a Norcadian is the former Borg drone girl Mezoti, who looks fairly different from Penk's species.

Here follows a list of species observed in the Tsunkatse games audience: Abaddon's species, Alien (Latent Image), Ankari, Boslics, Kobheerian, Kressari, Long-faced Aliens, Paradans, Penk's species, Repto-Humanoids, Swarm Aliens, Tailheads, Torat's species, Triangular-headed Aliens, Tygarians, Vaadwaur, Vidiians, Voth and Yost's species, plus a number of unidentified species. It can be safely assumed that all of these are likely to be in good political terms with the Norcadians.

Mezoti once described her home planet as a theta-class planetoid in a binary star system with a rather small population or 260 million. This may be the planet Norcadia, as seen in Tsunkatse, but it's also possible that it refers to a Norcadian colony world.