The Noosphere is an ecosystem formed out of consciousness instead of matter. The theories of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin described the Noosphere as the collected sum of this world's spiritual emanation, in the process of coalescing into the "omega point". Parapsychologists speculate that it's an active psychic link between all beings that form it, which could potentially influence the physical world on its own.

In FictionEdit

Fictional depictions of the Noosphere depict it as the medium for the existence of psychic powers, or as a separate plane unwittingly shaped by thought. Such a situation rarely proves to be one sided, and is very likely to start influencing the world back in abherrant ways. In many cases, it becomes more literally an ecosystem from the development of independent organisms within it. Another common use for the Noosphere is extrapolating the psychic ability to mentally bypass distances of time or space with telepathy and precognition, to also physically bypass those distances as a form of "hyperspace".

Specific Universe Edit

  • While based on Taoism instead of parapsychology, The Force is easily the most well known instance of a universal psychic link.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, the Warp is a noosphere that has been severely corrupted by a tragic history which its manifestations continue to perpetuate.
    • Stellaris' Shroud is the same with trademarked names replaced.
  • In the RTS Perimeter, the Spirits had discovered access to passages into a plane known as the Psychosphere or Sponge in the 21st century. This reality was much more influenceable by humans who were directly inside it, a fact that lead to several disasters. When the psychosphere began to leak into physical Earth, humanity voted that it was an existential threat.
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